Coffee Kingston in collaboration with Drew McIntyre

Coffee Kingston in collaboration with Drew McIntyre

New Today member Coffee Kingston recently talked about collaborating with former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Coffee Kingston in collaboration with Drew McIntyre.

Last week, after Butch and the rest of Fight Knight brutally murdered Xavier Woods, the ring-winning ex-king said he was tired of the number game and wanted to compete for coffee and his mysterious partner Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch. When it came time for the six-man tag team match this week, the mysterious partner Drew McIntyre was revealed. Coffee Kingston in collaboration with Drew McIntyre.

WWE Reporter Megan Morant spoke to Drew Day today to find out their thoughts on the Hullstull word match. The trio rejoiced at how the events unfolded early in the evening. Coffee Kingston said the surprise was even sweeter because no one expected it.

Here is what Coffee said:

We feel good. You see, the best thing to be surprised about is to be surprised when no one expects it. Do you understand Everyone on the internet was trying to ask us, who would it be? Who’s going? Not even a single person online on social media knew it was going to be Drew.

Xavier Woods also mentioned that no one in the WWE Universe ever imagined that he would team up with the Scottish Warriors.

Woods added, “We’ve been to urban communities and towns all over America, from one side of the planet to the other. And they had no proof. There is no proof. No one told Drew. “

The Celtic warrior was confident of his team’s chances against New Day and their mysterious partner. It was announced that Xavier and Coffee could hire anyone and could not defeat Fight Knight.

However, things quickly changed as Drew McIntyre went into the ring for the match. He managed Ridge Rough in Holland during the match before kissing Glasgow and Claymore. Woods gave Holland an elbow-drop to win.

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