Djokovic will not be vaccinated Covid-19

Djokovic will not be vaccinated Covid-19

No! Novak Djokovic will never take the corona vaccine. For this reason, even if he does not play in any big competition like the Australian Open in the future, he agrees. But he will not take the vaccine! Djokovic will not be vaccinated Covid-19.

In an interview with the BBC, the Serbian star, who has won 20 Grand Slams in tennis, said in no way would he be involved in the corona vaccination program. However, he will support any person to get vaccinated. Because he thinks that it is up to the individual to decide whether to get vaccinated or not.

Djokovic told the BBC he had no regrets about not being able to compete in tennis competitions such as Wimbledon or the French Open in the future because he had not been vaccinated. I have no problem. ” Djokovic will not be vaccinated Covid-19.

What happened to Djokovic before the Australian Open! He was arrested at Melbourne Airport shortly after arriving in Australia to take part in the competition. Sent to quarantine. After being a ‘prisoner’ there for a few days, the matter was taken to court. However, Djokovic claimed that he had come to Australia at the invitation of Tennis Australia, the organizing body of the Australian Open, and that he had a special medical certificate.

The court initially released Djokovic, but the Australian government did not allow him to participate in the Australian Open. His visa was canceled and he was sent back to the country. Due to this, his 21st Grand Slam victory has been postponed. Rafael Nadal became the first male star to win his 21st Grand Slam title after winning the Australian Open title by defeating Danil Medvedev in a classic fight.

The Australian government has announced the revocation of his visa, saying that if Djokovic, who has not been vaccinated, is denied a visa, social unrest will break out in Australia. The Australian government feared that Djokovic, who had not been vaccinated, would also encourage anti-vaccination sentiment in Australia. Djokovic will not be vaccinated Covid-19.

Djokovic’s views on the corona vaccine are clear: “I am never against the corona vaccine. As a child I received the necessary vaccinations. But I always respect the personal likes and dislikes of the corona vaccine. ‘

The Serbian star, however, believes that in the future, participation in various tennis tournaments will change and that he will be able to play longer.

Source: Prothom-Alo