Rafael Nadal set to play at Wimbledon for the first time in three years despite a chronic leg injury

Rafael Nadal set to play at Wimbledon for the first time in three years despite a chronic leg injury

Speaking at a news conference in Mallorca, Spain, the 36-year-old said Rafael Nadal would travel to London on Monday. Big Bang in the game he has won it twice and will play according to the feeling of his feet.
“I want to try to play Wimbledon, as I said after Paris, if there is a possibility, it seems so,” Nadal explained. “I trained this week, they said there was a chance, so I plan to go to London on Monday, and if I go to London, because I want to play.

“If, as the days go by, things don’t go my way, well, we’ll see what happens. But my plan is to travel to London on Monday, take a week of training there, a game. I have done it many times in Harlingham and prepared myself in the best possible way.

Rafael Nadal added: “It’s been a long time since I’ve played Wimbledon, I’m energised, yet we’ll perceive the way it creates. This is something that happens day by day. I’m sure things will work out well for me to continue my training week so that I can compete well at Wimbledon. “

Nadal won his 14th French Open title earlier this month – his record of 22 – despite reaching the final without feeling any pain in his legs.

The Spaniard has been battling leg injuries for years, an ongoing problem that Nadal said would require daily injections at the French Open to continue playing and training.

“After the epidemic, something happened to my legs,” Nadal said. I can’t stand the pain of playing so much, even on the train. “CNN reporter Christian Amanpurzini has battled with wounds all through his vocation.

“I can only say that I have to go through all these challenges, I have a constant passion to keep playing and I love the game,” he added. “I have always wanted to continue. Maybe that’s why I’m in that situation today. “

Rafael Nadal has not played at Wimbledon since losing to Roger Federer in the semifinals in 2019 because the Covid-19 epidemic canceled the 2020 edition and the Spaniard withdrew from last year’s tournament due to injury.

Despite the fear of constant infection, the world is not. No. 4 has already won the first two major tournaments of the season – the Australian Open and the French Open – as he struggles to win major titles.

This year’s Wimbledon starts on June 27, but will miss the injured Federer and Alexander Zaverev.

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