Siddiqur will play in a tournament worth Tk 43 crore

Siddiqur will play in a tournament worth Tk 43 crore

Golfer Siddiqur Rahman is thrilled. The world’s best golfers are going to sit in the Asian Tour tournament in Saudi Arabia. The PIF Saudi International Golf Tournament will be held on February 3-6 at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club in Jeddah. The best golfers in the country are thrilled to have the opportunity to play in this Asian Tour tournament. Siddiqur will play in a tournament worth Tk 43 crore.

This year’s tournament has one of the highest prize money in the history of Asian Tour. Not only Siddiqur but also many of the best star golfers in the world will be playing in this lucrative prize money tournament of 5 million US dollars (about 43 crore rupees).

Siddiqur had to wait to get a chance in this tournament. Whether you can play or not, he was skeptical! Siddiqur had to play a qualifier before playing in the tournament. The SMBC Singapore Open, which ended on January 23, was a qualifying match for the Saudi International Golf Tournament. Siddiqur will play in a tournament worth Tk 43 crore.

Based on the results of that qualifying round, the tournament committee put Siddiqur first on the waiting list. Siddiqur has finally been cleared to play in the Saudi International Tournament. He will leave Dhaka tomorrow night for Jeddah. Siddiqur will play in a tournament worth Tk 43 crore.

The tournament will feature 19-year-old South Korean rising star Juihang Kim, who is crowned the Order of Merit on the latest Asian Tour. Former Champion of the Order of Merit list Thangchai Zaidi of Thailand, his compatriot Jaze Janewattananda, Subhankar Sharma of India, Gavin Green of Malaysia and Scott Hand of Australia will also play in Saudi Arabia.

Golfers Dustin Johnson, Brison Dechambeu, Sander Chaufelle and six-time Major Champion Phil Mickelson will also play in the top ten.

Excited by the opportunity to play with them, Siddiqur said, “I don’t think about the prize money of the tournament at all. I can play with some of the best golfers in the world there, it feels good to think so. I will try my best to give the gift of a good game. ‘

Siddiqur could not play in the international tournament last year due to Corona. There was no opportunity to practice and play like that in Dhaka. Siddiqur was forced to move to the United States last August. There he practiced regularly in Dallas and Texas. Played at Corn Ferry Qualifying School.

After that practice, Siddiqur seems to have become a little bit more confident, ‘My game is slowly improving and (going to the United States) I am very confident about the practice I have done. I can see the reflection of that practice. That’s why I’m a little thrilled. It’s nice to think that we’ve been able to overcome some of the weaknesses I’ve worked with. What I couldn’t do two or three months ago, I can do now with confidence. ‘

Siddiqur wants to play in Saudi Arabia without reliance. Siddiqur’s goal is to enjoy the game rather than win the trophy, “If I can do my job properly, then the result will come. If I can play with confidence and enjoy the game, that will be my big achievement. Looking at my previous experience, it seems that if you play with confidence, something good will come of it. If you can enjoy the game, everything will be fine. That’s what I’m focusing on. “

Source: Prothom-Alo