Winning more than 10 matches is still a sign of success in college football

Winning more than 10 matches is still a sign of success in college football

I’m taking a short break from the conference winners to see the difference a little differently. Winning more than 10 matches is still a sign of success in college football.

Winning 10 or more games in the regular season indicates a very successful season, and some sportsbooks have expressed disagreement with all the teams at the Power 5 conference and whether they will be able to reach that high level next season. Winning more than 10 matches is still a sign of success in college football.

At the first spot on that list is Alabama at 2000. There’s no cost to this bet (unless you’re going the other way – which isn’t offered) and there are four more programs where you pay a premium to get so far. They are Georgia, Ohio State, Clemson and the University of Southern California. The first four are certainly understandable based on recent performances, but there is a lot of confidence in the new head coach for USC, Lincoln Riley and QB Caleb Williams.

To get a winner in this bet, you are looking for a team that basically goes 10-2 or better (but at a waiting price). In most cases, this probably means sweeping their non-conference games, otherwise there is a lot of pressure to perfect in a league where opponents are often more talented and more knowledgeable.

Texas could be the best example for next season. They are +200 for 10 wins, but they will host Alabama in the second week of the season. Now, if you think they can win this game, you might want to bet on them to win directly (as an underdog) and even if they can cash this game in a special season of 10 or more wins. Can’t bet. .

If you think they will lose (and I do), the question is will they only lose again against the rest of the Big 12 Plus UTSA competition. It feels like asking a very incoherent team.

This is how you should interact with this market and here is a list of the most important teams and bonuses in this column.

If you believe in continuity, you have to believe that the Cowboys will have another strong season. They won 12 games last year and entered the season with the most experienced coaches and midfielders in the conference – Mike Gundi and Spencer Sanders.

Big 12 Fellow programs like Iowa State and Oklahoma could definitely go one step further this season and the no-conference schedule of Central Michigan, Arizona State and Arkansas Pine Bluff should not offer too much resistance.

They could lose two league matches and go there again

The Big Ten West is always the easiest division because you don’t have to face Ohio State and Michigan every season. This season, the Golden Gophers will travel to both Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well as their annual Wisconsin reunion. All they have to do is steal one of those games and I like the possibility of them going back to winning double digits like they did two years ago.

QB Tanner Morgan is still around and they brought back the offensive coordinator when their 2019 (11-2) program was the best season in history. Minnesota won nine games a year ago and brought back a fair amount from this team, so reaching 10 is not really an extension.

Schedule of non-prank conferences with New Mexico, Western Illinois and Colorado.

Winning ten matches while playing at the SEC is not an easy task, especially in Kentucky. However, for the second time in four years, Mark Stubbs did it last season… and I think he will be able to do it again in 2022.

To get there, Wildcats must clear their non-convention lists in Miami (Ohio), Youngstown, Northern Illinois and Louisville, all of which are at home. They could have beaten these teams anywhere, but playing at Kroger Stadium would help.

The SEC schedule is not a picnic but I think they can win a swing game in Florida. This will be the second week of the season and the first SEC game for the new system in the Wetlands. Then, they may split from the Ole Miss and Tennessee tour (assuming Georgia loses a home). This is not an easy path but they pay you.

With quarterback Will Lewis getting first-round buzz for next year’s draft, that should be good for something, too. If you think he is bankrupt, this is not the right bet for you.

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